Building a Twenty-First Century Digital Government — One “Byte” at a Time

July 2018 Mike Ipsaro “Siri, how do we build the right foundation for a twenty-first century digital government that maximizes value for citizens?” Ahh, if only it were that simple…but this is a complex endeavor that requires a balanced, measured approach that adapts over time....

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Watchdog Finds Flaws in Certification Process for Women-Owned Small Businesses

Jun 26, 2018 By Charles S. Clark A review of a major portion of sole-source federal contracts in 2016 and early 2017 awarded to self-certified women-owned companies showed that 50 out of 56—worth as much as $52 million—did not follow regulations, according to an inspector genera...

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The Continuing Need to Emphasize Improved Acquisition Through Government/Industry Communication, or “Can We Talk?”

March 13, 2018By Michael Fischetti The Deputy Secretary of Defense recently issued a memorandum to all Department of Defense (DOD) components outlining national defense strategy (NDS) intentional engagement with industry to “harness and protect the National Security Innovation Base as well a...

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