GSA Polaris Update from David Park

Posted by Rich Potocek on 03/22/2021 9:02 pm  

Good afternoon Everyone, 

I realize many of you are anxious to get GSA representatives to come and speak at your respective events about Polaris.  We aren't there just yet, but hopefully the OASIS Industry Day on April 1st will tide you over until the Polaris team is ready to speak with industry.  I will definitely be in touch with you once the team is ready. 

With that said, I am able to share the following information:

  1. Please visit our Small Business GWAC Community of Interest website:

    This is the best place to get the latest news on Polaris (outside of me of course). 
  2. If you click on the link above, there is a March 2021 blog.  In that blog you will see responses to some of the more frequently asked questions from the draft RFP.   If those of you how are impatient like me, and what the questions and responses now, I have copied and pasted them below.  This is the best we can do for the time being. 
  3. And finally please keep directing your questions and feedback to [email protected] 
    • Question 1: When will the Polaris RFP be released?

      Response 1: More specifics on the procurement schedule will be provided in a future post; however, the final RFP is not expected until later this summer, at the earliest. To help ensure Polaris meets stakeholder needs, additional market research is being conducted prior to GSA’s release of the final RFP.
    • Question 2: What is the NAICS and size standard for Polaris?

      Response 2: The planned NAICS is 541512 (Computer Systems Design Services) which presently has a small business size standard of $30 million.
    • Question 3: Will more information be released prior to the final RFP?

      Response 3: Yes, updates will be provided through this Interact page. Future updates will include more details on the evaluation process and draft scoresheet.
    • Question 4: To be eligible to compete for the Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) or HUBZone pools, when must my company be certified?

      Response 4: Eligibility for the socioeconomic pools are based on SBA regulations 13 CFR Part 127 for WOSB and 13 CFR Part 126 for HUBZone. Please note, interested companies must be certified by the time of offer submission, so please take steps to assure socioeconomic certification readiness.
    • Question 5: Where do I find information about the WOSB Federal Contracting Program?

      Response 5: Please visit to find information on the WOSB Federal Contracting Program. Small businesses can also use the SBA Local Assistance tool to contact their local SBA regional and district office or Women’s Business Center with questions.
    • Question 6: Where do I apply to be a WOSB certified company?

      Response 6: Please go to to apply for and manage your WOSB certifications.
    • Question 7: Where do I find information about the HUBZone Federal Contracting Program?

      Response 7: Please visit for information on the HUBZone Federal Contracting Program.
    • Question 8: Is Polaris intended only for small businesses?

      Response 8: Yes, Polaris is intended for small businesses, with separate pools for small business, WOSB, and HUBZone small businesses.
    • Question 9: Can 8(a) small businesses compete for Polaris?

      Response 9:
       At this time, an 8(a) pool is not anticipated within Polaris. However, Small Disadvantaged Businesses (SDBs) are encouraged to respond to other pools for which they are eligible and wish to compete for awards.

      Customers seeking 8(a) small businesses for their IT service requirements on a GWAC are encouraged to consider 8(a) STARS II and upcoming 8(a) STARS III.
    • Question 10: Are small businesses limited to participating in only one pool at a time?

      Response 10: No, all small businesses are encouraged to submit proposals for all pools in which they are eligible and wish to compete for award.
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